To all those reading this right now, Saura Singha extends a hearty welcome to his blog!

Okay, as things stand, here I am on an extremely daunting mission of having to write a little about myself (hell, I like that!)

So, where do I start? Should I go on blabbering all about my life like the reminiscences of an old adult? Not sure many of you would enjoy reading all about that.

Or should I just follow the cut-the-crap-and-get-on-with-it policy? That sounds like a much more straightforward way out!

Briefly, I am a mechanical engineering graduate from one of the reputed engineering institutes in the country, currently employed by one of the IT majors in India. By professional identity extends to that of a freelance content writer.

I have a couple of stories to my name which you are unlikely to ever find in the market because they have never been sent to the publishers.

When I’m not working (or getting my stipulated dosage of sleep) I go all out on food and football (watching, not playing). My love for music sees my singing skills limited to the confines of the washroom. I also love to cook and, miraculously, whatever I prepare finds it way successfully down to the stomach of my guests (that’s a success story in itself).

As a person, I’m passionate and sincere about what (and who) I put my heart to.

You can always trust me with your dog (but am very poor with kids!)

That, I guess, is all I have to say about myself. To know more, feel free to be a part of my world through this blog.

Good day to you and hope you enjoy your stay at wordsofsaura.


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