Love Thyself For Thou Art A Woman

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“Behind every successful man, there is a woman,” goes an age old adage. However, has anyone ever stopped to think who a woman is and what she represents in society?

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A woman is one who symbolizes patience and compassion. She is born with the inherent quality of being affectionate and caring towards all that lies around her while also possessing the knowledge and fortitude about facing the world. Wisdom, kindness, patience, faith and femininity are the virtues that give a woman her true essence. As prominent figures working towards the betterment of society women, having long surpassed those days of confinement to the four walls of their home, have started making their presence felt on all fronts. A woman is ushered into the world as a bundle of joy before she proceeds to play the role of a daughter, friend, sister, wife and mother in society, carrying herself all along in a graceful manner and with ease.

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It is often said, “Judge not a book by its cover.” There is more to the beauty of a woman than what one sees from the outside for this beauty is not just skin-deep. The honour and beauty of being a woman is something that many, including women themselves, often fail to take note of. As the world celebrates yet another “Women’s Day”, we take a look at some of the reasons that makes her beautiful and why she should celebrate the fact that she is a woman.


How is it that a woman can be beautiful by just being so- a woman? As mentioned earlier, for a woman beauty is more than just skin-deep and involves allowing freedom of movement to her body while she continues to love herself for what she is. The beauty of a woman lies in loving and acknowledging every muscle of herself that she can stretch a little deeper. When a woman loves the legs that allow her to dance and run, and her pure desire to sculpt those arms even further she is considered to be beautiful. Her beauty lies in the striations and curves that define the vessel of her feminine spirit, the flesh that gives her the identity of a woman and also those wonderful muscles that make her the warrior that she is.

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Irrespective of the profession of a woman and the way she presents herself, she is perfect in every step that she takes forward in her journey towards achieving what is possible. A woman’s body is a creation of magnificence, empowering her to the extent that she can train her body to experience, bear, feel, be and do anything and everything that she wants. As amazing as that sounds, a woman’s beauty stems down to her being an incredible figure of light and love.

If you have already started appreciating the real beauty of what a woman represents, note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. When discussing about the beauty of being a woman, sky is seemingly the limit!

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She is able to float across the water, dancing as if captivated by a trance while at the same time her body can bend in half to a yoga posture. She is capable of diving into the deepest waters and climbing the tallest mountains. She can command her body to relax in a bath or persevere in a race; she can glow and sweat at the same time. She is a woman and that is enough to make her do everything so beautifully.

When a woman explores and bursts through the limitations that she defines for herself, when she overpowers her ego with her self-confidence- that is when her spirit is aligned with her higher self, giving her womanhood a new meaning of being beautiful.

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Women learn how to celebrate their unique beauty and the individual talents that each of them possess. Nothing else in this world compares to the beauty of being a woman and it is this magnetic brilliance that every woman should be aware of while for the men, it is time they acknowledged a woman in their lives for what she means to him.

After all, it is this confidence to take on the challenges of the world that makes a woman so beautiful and gives her added impetus to celebrate being the crux of our global family.


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